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On-Page SEO For Real Estate Website
04 Nov

On-Page SEO For Real Estate Website

Every real estate agent and broker needs the best real estate website. The best realtor website gets the most leads. To do this, you need to do proper SEO for your real estate business website, and the primary step to this is On-Page SEO.

What is On-Page SEO?

Basically, this is the process of optimizing your website pages to rank higher in search engine’s search and gain relevant traffic to your website that can turn into leads.

Your real estate contents play a vital role in On-Page SEO. Your website is compose of not only “homes for sale”, but other contents like articles or blogs that will help the clients know more about your business. Customers trust articles more than advertising, therefore we need to take advantage of it.

An effective content is determined through your keywords. Know the right keywords for your real estate business and use it to your website. There are certain rules to follow when inserting your real estate keywords and these are the following:

Rule #1 – Add keywords to your Title and URL

Your keywords should be everywhere in your website, but you don’t just come up with a title and insert your keywords. You need to find out the most searched phrase using your keywords and make it as your title. You can simply go to Google search and enter your keywords. You will see at the bottom of the search the relevant searches that is suggested to you by Google. These are the phrases that most people use in searching for your keywords.

Rule #2 – The longer content the better

Longer website content gets more traffic than the short one. Search engines prefers in-depth and well written content. In fact, Google Panda algorithm update was created specifically to push down web pages with low-quality content.

Rule #3 – The keywords ratio must be 1%

Yes, we said that your keywords should be everywhere in your website but SEO keyword stuffing all throughout your content is a big no-no! The keywords ratio to the body of your article or blog should be 1% only. This is also the reason why longer contents are preferred, so that you can insert more keywords without going more than 1%.

Rule #4 – Use images in your article with keywords.

Images are very important in real estate. It helps capture your audience attention and stay longer to your website. To optimize it, your image file name should have your keywords and not the default one like “image1”. Rename it before adding to your content and fill in the alt text.

Rule #5 – Insert YouTube video about your keywords.

If you have videos on YouTube, you can also add them to your content. Only add the relevant video that matches your content.

Google bot crawls through your real estate site to see how relevant you real estate agent website to the search query of your prospective buyers/sellers. If it finds you relevant, it will put up your website on the top of the search.

High ranking on Google means more exposure, more leads, and on-page SEO is a very important tactic of high ranking on Google. If you have not started implementing tactics in on-page SEO, start planning it now!

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