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Benefits of a Home Feedback System

If you are like most Real Estate Agents with listings, trying to receive home feedback from your showings is something you don’t look forward to doing everyday. This is because it requires hours on the phone and the time-consuming tedious work of gathering, organizing, and compiling the home feedback data for each property listing. On top of that, you have to keep your seller up-to-date with the home feedback which includes the creation and delivery of reports. Our home feedback software will eliminate all those hours on the phone and manual work to get you the showing feedback you need and give you automated tools to give your seller a quality of service they more than expect.

Get More Listings

Real Estate is a competitive market and sellers are looking for an agent that has the tools to sell their property at the best price and shortest time. Using our home feedback software will give you the edge you need in this competitve market. Not only will you easily get more showing feedback from showings with our system but you will have access to tools and reports that will help you be more efficient in selling the property.

Receive Honest Home Feedback

When you call for feedback from your showings, do you notice many times the real estate agents do not even remember which property you are asking about? Then the feedback you received is often not their real opinion because they do not want to tell you that your listing is overpriced or the property condition is very poor. Also, many times the showing agents call you back when you are not prepared resulting in you not asking the right consistent questions. When you get back to the office you can’t remember who the showing agent was and what was their home feedback. Our automated home feedback software, will give you honest quality showing feedback. Showing agents are not afraid to give you honest feedback about the home online and our system will manage the showing feedback for you. Our showing feedback software will not only result in quality feedback but higher response rate.

Target Problems Before Price Reduction

Is it all about price? Not necessary! We all know emotion plays a huge factor in the buying decision process, but to identify what problems should be corrected is not easy.

During the presentation, you will earn the heart of your potential clients by assuring them that price reduction would not be your only suggestion. By receiving home feedback from the showings, you will make efforts to target all problems before suggesting sellers to sacrifice the sales price.

Keep Your Seller Happy

Keeping your seller up-to-date on the progress of their house will make your seller happy. Our automated showing home feedback software gives you the option to give your seller access to view their home feedback received and to enable your seller to enter showings themselves from business cards left at the property saving you time. Our showing home feedback software will also automatically send your seller a showing feedback report at an interval specified by you so you don’t have to worry about creating this report manually and sending it to your seller. Our system can automatically generate an impressive formal feedback presentation that you can present to your seller. Most of all, your seller will know that their agent is supported by a state-of-the-art showing feedback software.

Manage Your Showings

Stop digging for those business cards and notes and trying to remember which property they saw. When you enter your showings into our home feedback software to request showing feedback, you are not only requesting feedback but you are using our system as a showing management tool. All of you showings are neatly organized for easy access in the future.

Promote All Your Listings to Showing Agents

The real estate showing agent may not have liked one of your properties but maybe another property of yours suits them better. Once a showing agent leaves you home feedback, they will be directed to a page with all your other real estate listings with details and your contact information.

Sell Faster

If you have showings and no offers then something maybe wrong. Figuring out what is wrong is the hard part. Receiving honest home feedback from your showings allow you to pinpoint reasons why prospective buyers didn’t like the property. This allows you to fix these concerns making the property more attractive to prospective buyers, and in turn you are able to sell the property much quicker for top dollar.

Click here to learn more about our Showing Feedback Module and its powerful features

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