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Generate More Seller Leads and Get More Listings

Easy and Effective Method to Getting More Seller Leads

Are you looking to generate more seller leads?
Our real estate Home Valuation page is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective method of generating quality seller leads. This means more listings for you!

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Use on Social Media, Your Website, and More

Your lead capturing Home Valuation landing page can be used practically anywhere. With our one-click social sharing tool, you’ll be able to post your Home Valuation landing page to Facebook and other social media websites where you’ll be able to drive traffic to the Home Valuation page and capture more leads. Our Home Valuation page is completely responsive and mobile friendly so it can be viewed on any device whether it’s a tablet or mobile phone.

Our real estate Home Valuation page is also seamlessly integrated into your real estate website.The Home Valuation page will be seen by all your website visitors making it another source of capturing seller leads.

CRM: Lead Management and Follow-Up

Our real estate Home Valuation landing page is integrated perfectly with our CRM system. Any leads generated from the landing page are captured in real-time by our CRM system. When you receive a lead, you are notified instantly through email and text message so you may contact the lead immediately. Within our CRM system, you can then manage your leads and assign automatic follow-up emails to your seller leads.

Using our special tracking links, you will know the source of your seller leads. Whether the lead comes from your real estate website or Facebook, you’ll know the source of the lead so you can measure performance of your campaigns.

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Instant Valuations

Our real estate Home Valuation page will give the user an instant property valuation based on historical data. Valuation include current estimate, low estimate, high estimate, and 30-day change. An instant valuation will give you more credibility and a starting point to contact the user for a more accurate property valuation based on additional factors. The valuation report along with the user’s contact information is captured within our CRM system so you know what valuation was given to the user.


Like all of our products, the Home Valuation Page is automatically generated for you and ready to use. However, your Home Valuation Page is customizable in many ways including the design, text, and background image. Customize the look and text of the Home Valuation Page and tailor it to your area and requirements.

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