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Agents Marketing Checklist for Real Estate Listing
21 Jul

Agents Marketing Checklist for Real Estate Listing

Real Estate Agents Marketing Listing Checklist

This article will show you on how and where you can effectively market your real estate business listing. Real estate listing is considered the life source of every real estate agent no matter what the market is and the demographic. This will be shown with the use of checklist so you can easily absorb it and you can easily check where you are missing. Anyway, here they are:

  1. Virtual Tour
  2. Social Media
  3. IDX
  4. Listing Description
  5. Feature it on Your Homepage

Virtual Tour

Quality photos and videos are important factors of your listing. Photos express a thousand words to the buyer and those who have listed with photos sell faster that those that didn’t have. It is more effective if you can create a virtual tour out of your photos. Give your visitors a home tour without leaving their homes. If you can’t do it, there is a real estate marketing website that includes this feature in their package. Make sure that they can create one that is also mobile friendly and that can be viewed at anytime and anywhere.

Social Media

Social media is powerful if you use it wisely. Share your real estate listings at social media to make it visible to your possible prospects. You can create a social media channel where you can blast your listing, but make it sure that you have crafted your message carefully. It should sound more personal and more social.


IDX is a must in every real estate website because it is the most effective and the most powerful lead capturing tool.  It automatically displayed the listings from the MLS to your website so you can promote it. Whatever changes you made with your listings will be updated on your website.

Listing Description

Your listing description should be compelling enough to get the attention of your prospects. A lousy description will turn your prospects away. Get into the shoes of your customers. Do you think the description you have written will convince you if you are the customer? If not, change it and write a description that will convince you.

Feature it on Your Homepage

The search engine websites are given more value in the content of your homepage than the other content on the different pages of your real estate website. With this, you need to take advantage of it and add a preview of your real estate listings on your homepage. Also add a link that directs to the page that has the detailed information about your listings. It is also possible that your probable customers that visiting your homepage will see your listings and check it out.

There is a real estate marketing company who has all these in their package. Make sure to use this checklist when you are dealing with them. This will make sure that your listing is effectively listed. It is exciting and very challenging to be part of real estate business yet very rewarding too. With real estate listing, you will be able to help buyers find the properties they are seeking for easily.

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