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23 Jan

How to Win the Listings 90% of the Times Effortlessly?

A major number of eAgent360 members are top agents of their areas, but how can agents with no listings benefits from our system?  Make a good use of your listing presentation – present a killer presentation! Here is how…

Not a good time to list homes? Think again. Though the entire real estate industry is suffering, but this is actually the best time to help homeowners short sale homes. There are many agents take this opportunity to make a lot of money. Especially, banks are more cooperating in approving short sale homes nowadays. The sellers are mostly likely walking away without paying any expense, and they also would not object to lowering the selling price. We tons of members that are top producers with 40, 50, 70+ short sales listings, and they are moving these homes like hotcakes.

Now, it is time to make calls and setup listing appoints! Your listing presentation shows your professionalism and the marketing efforts that you are devoting to your listings. Be prepared. It is time to polish your old listing presentation, follow guidelines, and be prepared to walk out winning every single listing.

What should be included in your listing presentation?

  • Cover letter
  • Outline
  • Your bios of yourself and your team
  • Outline your strength and competency
  • Explanation of the services you’ll provide and your commission
  • Comparable market analysis, along with your analysis of the property
  • Detail marketing plan for the home and describe the services you’ll provide.
  • Testimonials from past clients
  • Agency disclosure form
  • Listing agreement.

Here are few helpful tips:

  • Ask to tour the house first prior to presenting your presentation. This will help you determine the selling price. Many agents like to tour the house at the end of presentation. There is nothing with that, but then you might be likely to walk straight out of the seller’s door instead of sitting down. That is just the nature of the flow.
  • Take the time to gain rapport with the seller while touring the house. You’ll be surprise how much complaint and feeling that they will reveal during this process. And you can gain this knowledge to take away their ‘pain’.
  • Ask questions and listen carefully to find out issues that are important to sellers. Address these issues during the presentation.
  • Position yourself and make your presentation stands out.
  • After the list presentation, ask if the seller is interviewing anyone else.
  • Don’t walk out of the listing presentation without ask for the listing.

We understand how important it is to let the sellers know about your marketing efforts. We are excited to announce the upcoming 20+ page Power Point Marketing Presentation that is ready for you to insert to your listing presentation. Whether you have a listing or not, make a good use our system and our marketing presentation to win the listings every single time!

Stay tune…

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