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SEO Factors to Rank Your Real Estate Website
30 Jul

SEO Factors to Rank Your Real Estate Website

When we say SEO, we are trying to to please Google and other search engine websites. Google gives a significant attention on the user experience to your website. If people are happy with your website, the more they get your real estate website rank in a higher position. The more unhappy your visitors get, the more your website can’t be found in the search results.

How does Google know if your visitors are happy with your website?

Check the bounce rate of your website. Google measures the unhappiness of your visitors by the number of back clicks on your website. When people search for a specific keyword and it brought out your website and the visitor finds it irrelevant and therefore leaves at once, that is when Google know that your website is not relevant to that keyword search and that your visitors are not happy. The more it happens, the more Google will bury your website.

What’s the catch?

You got to get your visitors to stay longer on your website. By saying stay longer, it means that you need to catch their interest the moment they land on your website and you only have 2 seconds to do that. How to catch their interest?

3 SEO Factors to Incorporate in Your Real Estate Website and Make it Rank

  1. Bucket Brigades – Make people want to keep reading your content by adding “Bucket Brigades”. These are lines that encourage people to read more. These are teasers that makes them want more. Examples are:
  • Do you want to know more?
  • Do you know why?
  • Here’s the secret..
  • Here’s the best part..

Go back to your old content that you think your visitor might find boring and add a bucket brigade.

  1. Benefit-Driven Subheaders – You know how important it is to break your content to make it readable for your audience. By breaking it down, you should add “Benefit-Driven Subheaders”. Subheadings shouldn’t be just like a title to the next part or another definition of terms, but it should be something your audience will find value with.
  1. The Agree, Promise and Preview Method – Since you only have two seconds to convince people to stay on your website, you’ve got to write something that you and your visitors will agree upon. When the visitor agrees to it, you’ve got to lead them to the promise part. What you can give them if they continue reading? What would they learn and how you can help them with their problem? Afterwards, you’ve got to show them the preview of what you promise. Get their interest, get them thrilled and excited with your content. Of course, give what you promise.

It is just a plain common sense that people will stay on your real estate website if they find what they are looking for in there, so you’ve got to tell them in through your title and first line so that they know that they are on the right page and won’t go back and look for another.

You don’t have to do it by yourself, you can find a team to back you up. Let us help you to generate valuable content and do real estate website marketing for you.

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