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10 May

Linking Your Real Estate Agent Website to 4 Killer Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Smart realtors know that you can’t wait for buyers to come to you. Real estate agent website and real estate lead generation is crucial to building a successful business. What is real estate lead generation? In simple terms, real estate lead generation is a methodical way of reaching the individuals who have potential to become your clients. Leads are generated through on-line real estate agent website and off-line. A combine effort is needed to grow your real estate business.

By saying this, a real estate agent should have a clear vision of a focus of his/her target audience. Then, combine with a the theme in his/her real estate agent website to capture more attention. Your real estate agent website can be nothing.. or a real estate agent website which full of emotions, images and information. And of course, in your real estate agent website, your target audience will learn about the agent – an agent who can connect with the clients’ needs and can show the professionalism to handle all situations of a real estate transaction. So, bottom line is think of your real estate agent website as your virtual retail store. Who are your target market? What would you want to display?
Now, back to where you can target and generate leads. As leads come in through real estate lead generation and you carefully and responsibly cultivate them, many will convert from possible buyers into your most loyal and lucrative customers. Real estate lead generation gives you control over your own career. Instead of hoping that casual shoppers will stumble upon you, which leaves your traffic and income on a roller coaster ride, good real estate lead generation gives you a strong, steady flow of quality prospects to keep you busy all year round.

Real Estate Lead Generation from Listings Expiring Soon

While we would not recommend any real estate lead generation techniques that directly target clients already under contract with another agent, you can certainly send cards to homes in neighborhoods with soon-to-be-expired listings. Check the MLS database for such properties grouped in the same geographic area, and then consider the options for real estate lead generation. You will typically be most effective in real estate lead generation with houses listed over four months. As they grow closer to their contract date without selling, frustrated homeowners are very likely to be looking for new ideas from a new agent. Why shouldn’t that agent be you?

In this case, have your real estate agent website to show that the sellers have no more headaches and that you understand their frustration. Your real estate agent website should also set yourself apart from other agents, and show able to show the sellers that you can do better.

Real Estate Lead Generation from Newlyweds

Newly married couples are often anxious to take the next big step – buying a house and creating a home with their own style and traditions. This is a perfect opportunity for real estate lead generation, as there are many annual events targeted to this market. Many businesses cater specifically to the wedding industry. Buy a booth at bridal fairs and form partnerships with the travel agents that book honeymoon trips. Leave your card with every wedding cake bakery, bridal dress shop, and tuxedo rental establishment in your territory. The opportunities for real estate lead generation among newlyweds are limited only by your imagination.

Newly weds are all fun and full of dreams, your agent website should show an excitement for the newly weds to take the opportunity of a life time and take advantage of this real estate market with low interest rate and low housing cost. Depressed foreclosure owners images as a theme in your real estate agent website probably would not help you sell to the newly weds.

Using Promotions for Real Estate Lead Generation

When it comes to real estate lead generation, don’t be shy about giving something away for free! The extensive real estate lead generation you will get in return will far exceed any minimal initial outlay of cash. Everyone loves special offers, promotions, contests, and coupons. So, get creative with your real estate lead generation ideas. Can you create booklets for buyers and sellers eager to learn tricks of the trade? Place them strategically in coffee shops and other locations for sure-fire real estate lead generation. How about matchbooks, pens, and other giveaways?

You can guarantee real estate lead generation with these inexpensive items when your information is included. Run a free-to-enter raffle for an item of interest to your prospective client base for maximum real estate lead generation. Refer prospective clients to your real estate agent website. Then, follow up with every one of the entrants to let them know that you are their best bet for all of their real estate needs.

Real Estate Generation at Community Events and Real Estate Conferences

Put your expertise on display at community events and conferences where real estate lead generation is made simple when participants drop their name, number and email address into your hat for a raffle or other item of interest. Don’t limit yourself to shows specific to one industry. Find an angle for as many different activities as possible.

So, this will be more of a promotion to the local market. Face to face is the best thing to do, then how would your real estate agent website serves your? Your real estate agent website will be on your business card. All you need to say is “here is my business card, come and visit site, I would love to have your opinion of what improvement is needed.” See, not too pushy!

Get Started Now

Real estate lead generation is critical to ensuring that you don’t experience the unpleasant ups and downs of the market roller coaster. Whichever area of promotional effort you put in, don’t forget to devote some effort to refer them back to your “shop” – your real estate agent website. There are always individuals looking to buy and sell homes. With good real estate lead generation and a combined effort of on-line real estate agent website, you can be sure that you are the one to represent them.


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