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5 SEO Off Page Strategies to Build Backlinks for your Real Estate Website
06 Jul

5 SEO Off Page Strategies to Build Backlinks for your Real Estate Website

SEO Off Page for Real Estate Website changes drastically over the years. What works before might not be working anymore. You must always keep your eyes wide open to the new techniques and keep an attentive ear to hear works with SEO. You can subscribe to SEO mentor’s website or SEO groups to keep you updated and to survive this competitive world.

Here are 5 updated SEO Off Page Strategies that will surely build backlinks for your Real Estate Website.

  • Give Testimonials

Giving testimonials to a Domain Authority website will surely give your website a quality backlink. Even if you don’t ask, the website owner will surely add a link back to your website beside your name. This is to show people that the one who is giving the feedback is a real person.

  • Get Reviewed by Bloggers

Search for the best Bloggers online that has quality websites, means, they have  “follow website” and good record of organic search. Reach out to them and ask them for a review, but you should be careful in approaching them. You should choose the right words and you should have something to offer them. You can give an informational product as a gift for mentioning your brand.

  • Find mentions of your brand and ask them to link back to you.

You can use or BuzzSumo to find a website that has mentioned your brand. If you see that they don’t link back to your website, you can reach out to them and ask them to do so. Again, you need to choose your words. Nonetheless, they will surely link back to you since they love your brand that’s why they mentioned it.

  • Get backlinks from authority websites such as .edu, .gov and others.

You know how powerful it is to have backlinks with these websites. Find a way on how you can ask them to link back to your website. Study their websites and see who are they linking back and why.

  • Find DA Sites that are linked to the Old Website

Find DA websites that are not working anymore or that re-brand and move on to another domain. For sure they get backlinks from different websites. What you need to do is to find out which websites have linked back to them and again reach out. Inform them that you are looking for a certain topic and eventually find their websites, and that it is very helpful for you. Then you can add that you have noticed that they are linking to an old website which is no longer updated. You can even show an image. Afterwards, you can tell them about your latest post that you think might be helpful to their readers and they might want to mention it with a link back to you.

You need to perform SEO Off Page strategically and these 5 techniques are sure a winner. What’s left is for you to do is to apply these to your real estate website. Get up and do it, and enjoy quality backlinks.


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