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14 Nov

Add Matterport 3D Models to Virtual Tours

Take Your Virtual Tours to the Next Level with Matterport

If you are using Matterport, you can now insert the 3D interactive walk-through models into Profusion360’s virtual tours. Not only will this take your virtual tours to the next level, but it provides a highly impressive presentation of the listing.

Professional Presentation

By using Profusion360’s virtual tours as a platform for Matterport, you’ll be delivering a professional presentation of the Matterport 3D models. Typically, you could embed the Matterport 3D model into a simple website page. Having your Matterport 3D models within Profusion360 attractive virtual tours will make a very professional presentation that will impressive your sellers.

Combine with Video

Profusion360’s virtual tours allow you to also embed other videos. Therefore, you can combine your Matterport 3D model with a video. For example, if you are using drone video to capture aerial footage of the property, you can add that video as a scene within the virtual tour. After the video scene is complete, it would then transition to the Matterport 3D model scene.

Lead Capturing

Profusion360’s virtual tours provide lead capturing with our integrated CRM system. Therefore, you can now utilize Profusion360’s lead capturing for your Matterport 3D models. If someone is interested in the property, or has any questions, they would simply use the contact form provided within the virtual tour. The lead is then captured in Profusion360’s CRM system where you can utilize lead management and lead nurturing.


Adding a Matterport 3D model to your Profusion360 virtual tour is very simple and easy. Watch the video below as we show you how to do it.

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