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Adding Drone Video to Your Home Virtual Tour
21 Jun

Adding Drone Video to Your Home Virtual Tour


Drones are the latest technology craze and are now being used as part of home virtual tours. Not only do drones capture stunning aerial shots of your home it also provides a cool factor in showcasing your listing.

Drones Help Your Sell the “Location”

If you have a listing in which the view, location, or land of the property is a main selling point of a home such as a home on the golf course or a waterfront property, using a drone to capture aerial footage could be a huge asset in selling your listing faster. It allows you to show potential buyers that they’re not just buying the property, but they are buying into the location also. This can definitely help you in getting top dollar for your listing.

Embedding a Drone Video into Your Virtual Tour

With Profusion360’s home virtual tours, you can add a drone video footage along with your other scenes such as photos and 360 panos.

Our automatically generated home virtual tours are professionally designed and is completely branded with your information including logo, photo, and contact information. Our virtual tour also provides property information and a lead capturing form that is integrated with our CRM system.

This is much more practical, professional, and appealing than sending users directly to YouTube where it can be distracting. This is very important especially if you are displaying your virtual tour on, Zillow, or Trulia.

Combine Drone Video with Photos and Panos

By using Profusion360’s home virtual tours, you can also combine the drone video with photos and 360 panos. For example, you can use the drone video as the first scene of your listing’s virtual tour to showcase the location of the property, and then transition to photos that showcase the interior of the home.

In this video, we’ll show you how you can add your drone video into a listing’s home virtual tour:

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Michael Yee is the VP of Technology for Profusion360 with 20+ years experience in the field of Engineering, Technology, Sales, and Marketing

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