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26 Jun

Importing Your Zillow and Trulia Leads


Are you using Zillow or Trulia to generate leads? If so, those leads can automatically be imported into Profusion360’s CRM system.

By doing this, you’ll now have one place to manage all your leads. Even more important, you can then utilize Profusion360’s lead management and lead nurturing tools to manage the leads from capture to close.

How It Works

Setup is a one-time setup that only takes a minute. Once you have it setup, your Zillow and Trulia leads will automatically funnel into your Profusion360 account as you receive leads. You’ll get notified by text message and email that you’ve received a lead so you can respond quickly.

Profusion360 imports all of the lead information that was initially captured by Zillow or Trulia. This includes the source of the lead, name, and all of the contact information. We also capture the listing that the lead is interested in including photo, property details, link to the listing page, plus the search criteria they used to find the property. Knowing the search criteria the lead used is very important as this gives you insight on what type of properties the lead is looking for. You can then send similar properties within that criteria.

Utilizing Profusion360’s Lead Management and Nurturing Tools

With the lead in Profusion360, you can then take advantage of our lead management tools. This includes assigning the lead to another agent on your team, creating tasks so you can be reminded of any follow-up activities in which we will notify you, add notes, and log any contact you’ve had with the lead such as phone calls, emails, and text messaging.

Using our drip email marketing, you can place the lead into one of your drip email campaigns. Our system will automatically stay in touch with the lead for you, whether it be weeks or months, so you can focus on generating more leads.

For more information on how Profusion360 can help you with your Zillow and Trulia leads, please visit or email us at info@profusion360com

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