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How to Get Your New Real Estate Website Index by Google Faster?
12 Jan

How to Get Your New Real Estate Website Index by Google Faster?

We often get questions from our customers about how to make sure their new real estate website gets index faster by Google. Often people think once a real estate website is done, domain name is configured; the new website will be appeared on Google instantly. This is what people think, but we forgot about the complex internet technology behind the scene.

If you have a new website, typically you’ll need to wait for Googlebot to crawl and index your new website. So what does this mean? Googlebot is the engine that Google uses to go and crawl through the internet to search through billions of websites to find updated and new website pages. The information on new and updated website pages will then add to Google’s searchable index.

There are a few things you should do if your real estate website has not been indexed by Google yet.

  1. Submit your real estate website to Google – Use this tool to submit your website to Google:
    Submit your real estate website to Bing/Yahoo:
  1. Submit a sitemap – Here are instructions on how to submit a sitemap: Generate the URL to your website sitemap. See following instruction for Profusion360 customers.
  2. Real estate authority website profiles – You should also add your real estate website URL to all of your account profile pages on authority websites, such as, Zillow, Trulia, etc.
  3. Real estate network – utilize real estate network such as ActiveRain is also important for you to establish a profile account and add your website URL.
  4. Social media – You should also add your real estate website URL to all of your social media sites profile page including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These are high traffic websites and Google will be able to find your website if you place your website link in your profile.For Pinterest, share an image from your website.
    For Youtube, create a short video introducing your website. Also include a link to your website in Youtube description.Your real estate website can be indexed by Google faster with above tactics. This is not just to get your website index faster, this is actually a way to create authority back links for a better search engine ranking. Most importantly, you need to put a bit effort into driving traffic to your website through social media, Google’s ranking of your website is based on the amount of traffic to your website through online and off-line methods. We’ll get into more in-depth into these areas in our upcoming blogs to help you further.

How to apply these strategies for Profusion360 Customers

It is important for you to generate a sitemap for Google and other search engine to crawl all your website pages. Not all the real estate website provider will have sitemap generated for you, but your real estate website with Profusion360 allows you to easily generate a sitemap, so you can submit to the search engines for faster indexing.

Here is a feature you can generate sitemap and submit to Google and Bing with an easy click:

Login to your Profusion360 Account, go to “Agent Site” -> “Tools”. Go to “Sitemap Generation and Submission” section. Click on “Generate Sitemap File” button, then click on “Submit Sitemap File to Google and Bing” button. That’s it!

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