Adding Drone Video to Your Home Virtual Tour
21 Jun

Adding Drone Video to Your Home Virtual Tour


Drones are the latest technology craze and are now being used as part of home virtual tours. Not only do drones capture stunning aerial shots of your home it also provides a cool factor in showcasing your listing.

Drones Help Your Sell the “Location”

If you have a listing in which the view, location, or land of the property is a main selling point of a home such as a home on the golf course or a waterfront property, using a drone to capture aerial footage could be a huge asset in selling your listing faster. It allows you to show potential buyers that they’re not just buying the property, but they are buying into the location also. This can definitely help you in getting top dollar for your listing.

Embedding a Drone Video into Your Virtual Tour

With Profusion360’s home virtual tours, you can add a drone video footage along with your other scenes such as photos and 360 panos.

Our automatically generated home virtual tours are professionally designed and is completely branded with your information including logo, photo, and contact information. Our virtual tour also provides property information and a lead capturing form that is integrated with our CRM system.

This is much more practical, professional, and appealing than sending users directly to YouTube where it can be distracting. This is very important especially if you are displaying your virtual tour on, Zillow, or Trulia.

Combine Drone Video with Photos and Panos

By using Profusion360’s home virtual tours, you can also combine the drone video with photos and 360 panos. For example, you can use the drone video as the first scene of your listing’s virtual tour to showcase the location of the property, and then transition to photos that showcase the interior of the home.

In this video, we’ll show you how you can add your drone video into a listing’s home virtual tour:

Why You Need IDX on Your Real Estate Website
15 Jun

Why You Need IDX on Your Real Estate Website

Why You Need IDX on Your Real Estate Website

You’ve probably come across many articles, bloggers, and some internet marketers saying you don’t need IDX on your real estate website. Their reason is that the top 10 real estate websites led by Zillow, Trulia, and, account for about half of all real estate website traffic, and therefore, it is “useless” and “a waste of money” to try to compete with them.

The term IDX gets thrown around a lot. When people hear IDX, they automatically think it’s just home search for your real estate website. While property search is the main component of IDX, many don’t realize how to utilize it to the fullest and the valuable lead generating tools it provides.

Besides providing home search on your real estate website, I’m going to explain some reasons why IDX is a must-have for any real estate website.

“Product” of Your Business

When speaking to real estate professionals, I always make this analogy. As a real estate professional you are a business. You can think of your real estate website as your “store”. The MLS listings on your website is your “inventory”. The listings are all the products that exist in your “store” where visitors can browse around and purchase. What happens when you have somebody visit your “store” but you have no product to offer? That person would do exactly what you and I would do…leave and go somewhere else where there is product to look at and possibly purchase.

These are valuable leads you will be losing if you don’t have IDX on your real estate website. Unless you are solely generating business on referrals, your real estate website (store) must have IDX (product).

You Can Build Listing Pages

IDX gives you access to all the hundreds to thousands of listings in your MLS. Like I mentioned above, this is your inventory, and it’s like having thousands of products on your website.

Having access to all the listings, you can create listing pages that focus on a specific search criteria. For example, you can create a listing page that shows all listings under a specific price. Or you can create a listing page that displays listings in a specific subdivision, area, community, or school district. These listing pages provide a better experience for users in that they help direct your real estate website visitors to listings they are looking for. Even more valuable is that these listing pages are search engine friendly which is what I will talk about next.

Generate Leads from Google Search

All of your IDX pages that Profusion360 provide are SEO friendly and are indexed by Google, Bing, and all other major search engines. This means all the listing pages within the IDX system are indexed by Google and is excellent source of organic leads. For example, for one of our clients, we created an IDX page that displays homes for sale in the school district of Squires Elementary.

Look at what happens when you Google
“Homes for Sale Squires Elementary School District”
idx real estate website

Yes, our client using our website with IDX is ranked #1 out of 1,640,000 Google search results above Zillow and!

With IDX you can build hundreds of these real estate listings pages and all of them will appear in Google search results! Do you still think you can’t compete with Zillow?

Platform and Tools for Your Clients

IDX is much more that just property search for your real estate website. Many oversee or are unaware of the valuable tools that you will be providing to your clients. IDX takes your real estate website to the next level by providing a platform for your clients. Your website visitors can create an account right on your real estate website to utilize the IDX tools such as saving favorite listings and favorite searches. It’s an experience that your clients expect and will always come back to.

Automatically Email Latest Listings to Your Leads

An IDX system will be able to send your leads the latest listings automatically by email based on their search criteria. You can think of this as lead nurturing with listings. The user can define searches themselves right on your real estate website in which they want to receive the latest listings for. This is a completely automated process that will stay in touch with all your leads. When they see a listing they are interested in, they just contact you.

A Place for Your Existing Clients to Come Back To

It will cost you six to seven times more to obtain a new client than keep an existing one. Your existing clients are the key to the success of your real estate business. If you provide excellent to them, they will come back to you, and more importantly, will tell others about you. 75% of a real estate agent’s business will come from referrals.

Your existing clients will come back to you because they trust your service. If you have property search on your real estate website, they will use your website because it’s familiar to them, and they most likely will already have an account in your IDX system. For anybody that is referred to you, your real estate website must allow them to  perform property searches and the tools to assist them such as saving searches and favorite listings along with listings by email.

If you don’t provide home search on your real estate website where will all your clients go? Yes…somewhere else.

But I’m Generating All My Leads From Zillow and Trulia….

Using Zillow and Trulia is a great place to generate leads. Using your leads from Zillow and Trulia in conjunction with IDX is even more powerful! When you get a lead from Zillow/Trulia, you are give the lead’s search criteria. You can enter the lead into your IDX system and have your IDX system automatically send the latest listings by email.

Also, any existing clients you’ve initially obtained from Zillow and Trulia you’ll want to direct them to your very own real estate website and have them use your search tools. As mentioned above, retaining your existing clients cost much less than trying to obtain new ones, plus the benefits of referrals.

Remember, Zillow and Trulia is a marketplace promoting other real estate agents. You are competing with hundreds of other real estate agents for leads. If you are directing your clients to Zillow and Trulia you are risking losing them.

Offering a Much More Personal Experience

Large real estate websites such as Zillow and are very commercialized and can be intimidating to a user. Your real estate website is much more personable and offers trust and a level of comfort. Since your real estate website will be focused on an area, this will also be much more familiar to your website visitors as they will know you are an real estate expert in the area they are looking to purchase.

Landing Pages + IDX = Powerful Lead Generation

Utilizing landing pages is a very popular method of generating leads especially on Facebook. When you combine landing pages with IDX, you create a very effective and powerful lead generating system.

You can create listing pages within IDX and utilize those pages for your landing pages. For example, you can promote a landing page that gives users access to all homes under $600K in the city of Clairemont. When a lead completes the form of your landing page, you can direct them to a listing page in your IDX system that displays these listings. Without IDX on your real estate website, a system like this would not be possible.

Your Listings on Your Real Estate Website

Displaying your own listings on your real estate website is an absolute must. With IDX, all of your listings will automatically appear on your real estate website. Your listings will always be up-to-date because it’s a feed from the MLS. You don’t want to have to manually add, remove, or change the status of your listings. This would take too much of your time and it would cost more to manage your listings that having IDX on your real estate website.

Syncing Listings into Profusion360

If you are a Profusion360 customer with IDX, your listings will automatically be synced into our marketing platform. This is a huge time saver as you won’t have to enter listings manually and you can immediately take advantage of all our our listing marketing such as virtual tours, property websites, landing pages, showing feedback flyers, ad generator, and more.

Do you need IDX on your real estate website? YES. IDX is a must-have for your real estate website for all the reasons mentioned above. It’s much more than just having property search on your real estate website. The cost of having IDX on your real estate website is very minute compared to all the benefits you will get from it. Closing just one deal generated from your real estate website with IDX can pay for your IDX and website service for 5-10 years!

All you have to do is look at the real estate websites of the most successful real estate agents. Do they have IDX on their real estate website?


About Profusion360
Profusion360 provides a real estate marketing platform for real estate agents, teams, offices, and brokers. To learn more about Profusion360’s real estate websites and IDX service, please visit

If you have any questions about IDX and real estate websites, please email us at

Generate More Leads with a Home Valuation Landing Page
09 Jun

Generate More Leads with a Home Valuation Landing Page


A Home Valuation Landing Page, also known as CMA landing page and What’s Your Home Worth landing page, is a very effective method for real estate agents to generate lots of leads immediately.

What is a Home Valuation Landing Page?

A Home Valuation Landing Page is a single website page in which you offer a valuation of a home. The user first enters their property address along with their contact information. Once this information is submitted, the user is returned an instant valuation of the property. Home Valuation Landing Pages are effective because almost all home owners are curious to find out what their home is worth.

Capturing the Lead Information

Since Profusion360 is a integrated platform, the Home Valuation Landing Page is seamlessly integrated with Profusion360’s CRM system. All of the lead information submitted during the home valuation request is captured by Profusion360’s lead capturing system including name, email, phone number, and the valuation that was returned to the user. You can then use Profusion360’s lead management tools such as assigning the lead to another agent, lead status, lead rating, notes, and adding tasks. Nurture the leads and build your sales pipeline with drip email campaign.

Integrated with Your Website

The Home Valuation Landing Page is integrated with Profusion360’s agent websites allowing you to also capture leads from your website visitors. The landing page automatically appears as a menu item on your agent website, or can be placed anywhere such as your home page slider or any of your other website pages.

Fully Customizable

Profusion360’s Home Valuation Landing Page is completely customizable. Easily change the background image by selecting an image from our background image library or upload you own custom image. Easily change any text on the landing page to customize it for the area you are focusing on. Change the colors and customize the call-to-actions buttons to whatever you prefer.

Where to Use a Home Valuation Landing Page

Your Home Valuation Landing Page can be used practically anywhere you can place a website link. Using it on social media particularly Faceboook is very effective. You can simply post the Home Valuation Landing Page to your Facebook pages, or use Facebook Ads to target a specific group by location, interests, age range, occupation, and more. Using our social posting tool, you can post your Home Valuation Landing Page in one-click to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more.

To learn more about Profusion360’s Home Valuation Landing Page, please watch this video:

If you have any questions about Profusion360’s Home Valuation Landing Page or our lead generating real estate marketing platform, please contact us at

Real Estate Lead Captured Notification
27 Apr

Real Estate Lead Captured Notification

Many customers are asking, “where do the leads go”? Profusion360 new platform comes with many features and one of them is lead notification. However, not all customers haven’t set-up the SMS text message on their platform and missing some leads. With this, we decided to write this article to let you know how leads are captured and how you get notified in the system so you can fully take advantage of this new platform’s feature.

How lead capturing system works?

Once leads enter their information in one of the lead forms in your Profusion360 website, it will go the “back office” and to the CRM system. A SMS text message will be sent out to you to let you know about these new leads. You will receive an email as well. There is no way, you can miss any leads. You only need to make sure that you have set it up and that you have entered your phone number.


To receive an email, you must have written your email address on your profile information. Also, make sure that your email is not being filtered out to your spam or promo folder.

To add your email address:

My Profile>Personal Info>Contact Info

Contact Info


To set up SMS text message:


Log into your Profusion360 website>CRM>Settings

Receive lead notification text message: – Yes

Enter your mobile number, country, carrier and click “apply”.

Mobile Notification

Your new leads can also be seen on the dashboard of your Profusion360 website, on “Recent Leads”.

But, all the leads go to the CRM Lead Management where you can nurture them by following up and sending drip email marketing.

Lead Management

It’s easy to manage and nurture new leads with the new Profusion360 platform. If you are still using the old one, upgrade now to be notified when you have new leads and take advantage of its other features.


Want to upgrade now? Email us at

More Real Estate Website Features, More Fun!
20 Apr

More Real Estate Website Features, More Fun!

Having a real estate website is a great help in the industry. You can capture leads at anytime and anywhere. Having great features included in the platform is fantastic!

Real estate website features are only useful if you know its purpose. So here are some of them and how you can benefit from them.

Video Slider – You can upload video and add it on your slider to show on your home page website. Video is one important element in your real estate marketing campaign and having this in your website is quite a privilege.

Saved Property / Saved Search Notification – You can get ahead of your competitors by having this feature in your website. You have the chance to follow up on people who showed interest on your property and you’ll have a firsthand knowledge on what property that are interested in.

Import your Zillow/Trulia Leads – There’s no leaving your leads behind. Bring it at your upgraded website, manage and nurture them.

Lockbox SyncIt’s a complete, automated, and efficient showing feedback solution that will same you tons of time so you can focus on your clients and business.

Automatic Virtual Tour YouTube Posting – Save time, money and effort with having your virtual tour posted to YouTube automatically.

There’s a lot more features that are in stored for you once you UPGRADE your website. Another is:

Comparable Market Analysis Landing Page

This will bring more leads to your website. Your potential client’s will enter their information requesting a comparable market analysis, and this information is captured into our CRM system allowing you to respond accordingly. You may offer this landing page in many different ways including on your website. A very effective way to use your CMA landing page is through Facebook postings and ads.

Comments, inquiries and questions are all welcome. Contact us!

Realtors: Be Productive, Not Busy!
03 Apr

Realtors: Be Productive, Not Busy!

It’s easy to mistake being busy as being productive but there’s a huge difference between the two. You can do many things in a day and don’t produce result and you can do a single act that will convert.

How a realtor can be productive and not busy?

Being busy is different from being productive. It is not because you are busy managing your real estate business, it will mean success. You have to focus and concentrate on things that matters and things that will convert positively like concentrating on your clients.

Every little thing that consumes your time can be automated.

Take advantage of every features of your real estate website. You need to use them wisely. One of the features you can use is….

Lockbox Sync

With Lockbox Sync, showing from your Supra lockboxes will be automatically imported in Profusion360’s Showing Feedback System. This offers a complete and automated solution in obtaining showing feedback from your showings.

Profusion360’s Showing Feedback System will automatically obtain your showings and send out a showing feedback request to your showings with your feedback questionnaire. Once showing feedback is received, you’ll get a notification with the feedback.

It’s a complete, automated, and efficient showing feedback solution that will same you tons of time so you can focus on your clients and business. The days of entering showings manually or having an assistant or another service follow up for you are gone.

Start saving time now, and get Profusion360’s LockBox Sync today!

Don’t leave your Real Estate LEADS behind!
27 Mar

Don’t leave your Real Estate LEADS behind!

Have you got lot of real estate leads from your previous platform like Zillow and Trulia? Do you want them back to nurture them and turn them into customers?

We know you do! If you upgrade now to the new Profusion360 website, we will make your wish come true.



You can now manage all your leads from one place.  Profusion360 allows you to import leads from multiple sources including Zillow and Trulia. Then you can utilize Profusion360 CRM to manage and nurture the leads such as assigning drip campaigns and creating property manager accounts.

Leads are very important and you can’t just simply leave them behind. There’s something you can do and you can do it right now.

Home Valuation Page
22 Mar

Home Valuation Page

Profusion360 is excited to release another lead generating product to our members – Home Valuation Page.

What is a Home Valuation Page?

The Home Valuation Page, also known as Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), is a landing page that will generate seller leads. The user enters their property address and contact information and an instant valuation is returned. All of the user’s information is captured in our CRM system allowing you to manage the lead and place it in a follow-up drip campaign.

Where to use the Home Valuation Page

The Home Valuation Page can practically be used anywhere to generate leads. Profusion360’s Home Valuation Page is seamlessly integrated into your real estate website as another lead capturing page to capture seller leads who land on your agent website.

Another effective place to use the Home Valuation Page is on social media. Social media is a quick method of capturing seller leads. With our one-click posting tool, you’ll be able to post the Home Valuation Page to Facebook and other social media sites. If you are utilizing ads, you may use the Home Valuation Page as your ad to capture local seller leads.

CRM Integration

Profusion360’s Home Valuation Page and CRM system exist on one platform. Seller leads captured from the Home Valuation Page will instantly appear in our CRM system and you will be notified by text message and email so you may follow up immediately. With our CRM system, you’ll be able to place your seller leads into an automatic follow-up system using our drip email campaigns. You’ll also be able to utilize the lead management tools of our real estate CRM system.

Instant Valuations

Another feature of Profusion360’s Home Valuation Page is giving the user an instant property valuation. Valuations include current estimate, low estimate, high estimate, and 30-day change. This gives you more credibility and a starting point to engage the lead for further property valuation analysis. All valuation values are captured within our CRM system so you know what was given to the user.

Fully Customizable

Profusion360’s real estate marketing platform automatically generates the Home Valuation Page for you but it is fully customizable so you may tailor it for your area and needs. Change the text, design, and background image using our image library or upload your own.

The Home Valuation Page is available to all Pro and Elite subscribers on our latest platform. If you have any questions on using or getting the Home Valuation Page, please email us at

Be on Top of Your Real Estate Competitors
20 Mar

Be on Top of Your Real Estate Competitors

The secret of getting ahead of your real estate competitors is to be aggressive and to be proactive. You need to know what your clients want and bring it to their plates.

You need to know what properties, they are looking for without being available in front of them. In fact, that is the main role of your website, “to your 24/7 office”. Your website should also be proactively capturing the interest of your visitors.

How to be on top of the game?

You can do this with the help of some features in your real estate website. One of the features you can take advantage of is  the Saved Property / Saved Search Notification. 

Profusion360’s CRM allows you to stay on top of your client’s activities. Whenever your client saves a property or search, you are notified immediately. By knowing what your client is looking for, you can be proactive and respond accordingly such as making an immediate follow-up call.

Isn’t it interesting?


Once you’re upgraded, here’s how easily you can do it.

Log in to your website>head on to dashboard>click on client website activity.

New and Improved Profusion360 website features!
13 Mar

New and Improved Profusion360 website features!

Great news!

Profusion360 comes in a new and improved website features.

Guess what?

Our new real estate website features include a video slider. Now you can upload a video or use a YouTube video for your website home page slider!  

Exciting and Fun!

This new feature is very fun and simple to do. The outcome is very exciting as well. There are a lot of things you can do now and you can experiment on what works best for you real estate website.

Video speaks thousands of words and makes your client stay a little bit longer in your website and if the content is good, you’ve got a lead!


Here’s how to quickly do it!

Simply log in to your website>go to “my website”>click on “Home Page Slider”>Click on “Add Video Slider”

Home Page Slider

As a realtor, you know how important video is in your real estate website. How it captures the interest of your visitors and stays longer in your page.

Take advantage of this feature.