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Google AdWords and Real Estate Business
22 Sep

Google AdWords and Real Estate Business

Google AdWords

AdWords or Google Adwords is one of the services offered by Google wherein your business can be displayed at Google. Your ads can also be seen in their advertising network. This advertising program by Google can make you advertise on your budget. You only pay when people click on your ads. Choosing the right keywords is important because this ad service is focusing on this.

How Does Google AdWords Works?

Google AdWords works based on Quality Score. Quality Score is how the landing page, ad, keywords and ad group relates to the search query and how likely a person will click on the ad. Every time a person searches on Google, there will be an AdWords auction. Now, every advertiser with the same keyword will be in for an auction competition. Their fate in the auction will depend on their Ad Rank or Quality Score. The highest ad rank will be placed on the top spot.

Why Use Google AdWords for Your Real Estate Business

You don’t need to spend much. You only need to pay Google when someone click on the ads, meaning the more clicks, the more traffic it will bring your real estate website and the more leads you get. It is worth to spend in Google AdWords once you learn how to use it well. In order to succeed in this real estate marketing campaign, you need to attract the right audience and you can do this by choosing the right keywords for your ad.

AdWords is measurable. Other marketing channels are incomparable to Google AdWords when it comes to determining if your campaign is not working or it is a success. Unlike magazines and TV, AdWords is measurable because it is transparent and gives you loads of PPC metrics which you can analyze and find out what is happening with your campaign.

AdWords is advisable in new real estate business. If your real estate website is fairly new and you are trying out SEO, it will take time before you see any results. While waiting for SEO, it is best to start with AdWords to get results without proving yourself first. It will also give you an idea whether your keywords is the right choice in your SEO campaign if it converts well in AdWords.

Google wants you to succeed. Since AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click ad, Google gain revenue when someone is clicking on your ads, thus, they will do their best to help you succeed with your campaign. This is a win-win situation for both of you.

The Google AdWords Effectiveness

The effectiveness of Google Adwords for your real estate business relies on your hands. Many businesses however reports success using this campaign but it is all about keywords. You should choose the right keywords to get the right audience. You can start in a small budget while testing the affectivity of your chosen keywords and you can adjust if necessary. You can use the metrics given by Google AdWords to create a real estate marketing strategy by studying the data.


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