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How to Set-Up your Yahoo/Bing Ads for Real Estate Website Traffic Part 1
30 Sep

How to Set-Up your Yahoo/Bing Ads for Real Estate Website Traffic Part 1

As a real estate marketer, setting up ad campaign is significant to bring traffic to your real estate website. Like any other search engine sites, Yahoo/Bing is also a great channel to bring leads to your website. It also offers Pay-Per-Click Ads for real estate business just like Google AdWords. If you want to give it a try, here are the steps on how to set-up your Yahoo/Bing Ads for Real Estate Website Part 1.

Steps in Setting Up Yahoo/Bing Ads Account for Real Estate Website

Step 1: Take Advantage of Free Bing Ads Coupon Worth $50

Yes! You can start advertising for free. Just sign-up for Bing Ads $50 free advertising to get started.

Step 2: Set-Up Yahoo/Bing Ads Account

Now that you have your “free advertising coupons”, your next move is setting up your Bing Ads account. Visit sign-up page of Bings ads. In the upper right corner, there is a button that says “sign up for bing ads”, click on it. Take note that you need a Microsoft account in order to use Ads on Bing.

Step 3: Create or Import Your First Real Estate Ad and Campaign

If you have an existing real estate campaign in Google AdWords, you can import it to your campaign at Bing Ads. Just follow the instruction given on the page.

If you don’t have an existing campaign or you want to set up a new campaign, follow this guide.

  1. Click “create new campaign”.
  2. Enter the information for your first ad.

Step 4: Choose Keywords for Your Bing Ads

Your chosen keywords are the key to your Bing Ads. When the searcher enters your keywords, your Bing Ads will show.

Step 5: Choose Your Keywords Match Type

Search for your keywords. Choose more keywords and then select your match types. In the right corner there are boxes that say Broad, Phrase, Exact and Content. These are the meaning of the following boxes.


This means that your ads will appear on Bing/Yahoo search results when a searcher type the keyword you specified or any words that Bing Ads think is relevant to that word.


Your ad will appear when the search key in your keywords in exact order.

Example Keywords: Real Estate

When someone searches for the term “real estate property” or  “real estate in Colorado”, your ad will appear. On the other hand, when some search for the term “property estate”, “real property”, “estate real”, your ad won’t show up. The words “real estate” should be in the same order.


Your ad will appear on the search result when the searcher typed in the exact search words with no other words.


Your ad will appear on their partner platforms like Viacom, CNBC, WebMD, Monster, Amazon and Facebook.

Step 6: Set-Up Your Bids

Once you have chosen your keywords and the match type, it is time to set-up your bids. Bing will recommend how much you would bid on the match type and the keywords you have chosen. If what Bing recommend makes sense to you, you can leave it as is. You can always change or adjust your campaign depends on what’s working and what’s not with you based on the reports that Bing Ads supplied to you.

How to Set-Up your Yahoo/Bing Ads for Real Estate Website Traffic Part 2 will help you choose your campaign name, your budget, and the location you are targeting. The following steps for Part 2 of this article will also help you to finalize the setting of your campaign, entering your credit card details, turning your campaign on and lastly optimize your campaign for your real estate website.

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