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How to Set-Up your Yahoo/Bing Ads for Real Estate Website Traffic Part 2
09 Nov

How to Set-Up your Yahoo/Bing Ads for Real Estate Website Traffic Part 2

Did you learn something about our previous blog post How to Set-Up your Yahoo/Bing Ads for Real Estate Website Traffic Part 1?

As promised, here is the second part of how to set up your Yahoo or Bing Ads for your Real Estate Website. Last time we tackle about the 6 steps which are the following:

  1. Take Advantage of Free Bing Ads Coupon Worth $50
  2. Set-Up Yahoo/Bing Ads Account
  3. Create or Import Your First Real Estate Ad and Campaign
  4. Choose Keywords for Your Bing Ads
  5. Choose Your Keywords Match Type
  6. Set-Up Your Bids

Now, on the second part, it is all about the campaign, budget, location, payment and optimization. Ready?


It is important that you have chosen carefully the campaign name that you are going to use. You must be also specific on how much budget you are going to allot on the certain campaign. You should be aware with the location that you are targeting as well.

Campaign Name – The moment you get comfortable running Yahoo/Bing Ads, you will have multiple campaign. Choosing a right name for a specific campaign will help you easily distinguish the type of ads you are running.

Daily Budget – The amount of your budget depends on how competitive your market is. If you are targeting people in  small town, you can run a real estate campaign for a $1, if you have a lot of competitors you need to add more.

Targeting Location – You don’t want to waste your money showing your ads to anyone who aren’t living in your target location. You can choose who can see your ads, it can be anywhere in the world, only within the United States or a place with a specific zip code.


To finalize your campaign, you need to set the bid which you have done in step 6 in our previous post. If you haven’t set a bid, Bing Ads will use the amount you just set as a default bid.

Ad Distribution – This is where you want to show your ads in the internet. It is either on the search network or content network, but you can also choose both.

Fill up Your Credit Card Details and Turn the Campaign On – This is the final step. Once you’ve entered your credit card information, your ad is ready to go live.


There are two things that you can do to optimize your Bing Campaign, one is to create additional ads and the other is to add a negative keywords in your ads.

Additional Ads – You don’t know at first if your real estate campaign with Bing will be a success or not. Generally,  there is a 3% chance that your Yahoo ads will get a good click. To have a better chance of generating relevant traffic to your real estate website is to have additional ads. Create several ads with a few variations and Bing will automatically interchange these ads to see which will get the highest click rate. In your end, you can stop the ads that received low click rate. Continue and improve the one that is doing well.

Negative Keywords on Campaign – In Step #5 of the previous article, it was discussed that you can choose keywords which you want your ads to show. There are other things you can do to make sure that your ads is only showing to relevant search query and this is to add negative keywords. Negative keywords are the search terms that you think is irrelevant to your ads, but there is a chance that your ads will show using these keywords. Therefore, you can turn off these terms by adding them to negative keywords.

Now, we’re done and your first campaign is live! Congratulations!

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