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How Can Real Estate Business Stand Out in Online Marketing
14 Dec

How Can Real Estate Business Stand Out in Online Marketing

Competition is tough in real estate business. What is great is that you can now reach more people without leaving your house. Thanks to the internet, everything makes possible in just a few clicks.

However, to take advantage of the internet, you need to have a competitive website, you need to be in front of your audience and you need to be available all the time. How can your real estate business stand out in online marketing? Here are some few tips.


Start with keyword research to choose the right keywords for your real estate business. Understanding how keywords work help your business stand out from your competitors. Realtors mostly use the same keywords in the industry, thus it is important to make a research on what you can use and which ones you have less competition. You can create a page using those keywords so Google can index your website when there is a relevant query. You can also use your keywords in your domain name to create a brand identity.


Now that you know the keywords to be used, it’s time to create a website or to re-create your website. Your real estate website should look professional. Your visitors are possible clients and they don’t know you and your business. Help them trust you by providing them a professional looking website. It should be also powerful enough to convince them to stay longer and search for more properties. It should be effective to capture leads. Your website should provide all your visitors needs from content to images and other helpful features like live chat where clients can easily ask questions and answered right away.


Once your website is up and running, start spreading the news! Make sure that people know that your business and your website already exists. It should be visible in any online searches.

SEO – Perform SEO to gain traffic to your website and to be visible in search engines sites like Google, MSN and Yahoo. You can start submitting newsletter to introduce your website, pay ads, create blog, get listed in directories and many more. Concentrate on your keywords and make sure that you target your audience in your SEO.

SMM – Most people if not all are on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are always online to update their accounts to see what’s new and trending, and to find what they need. Hence, your website should also be visible in this area. You can create a page or account and start sharing your website and update people with your newest properties so when they come looking for your business, you are in front of them.

ONLINE CLASSIFIED ADS – Some people are not looking directly on search engine sites or social media sites, instead, they go straight to online classified ads like Craigslist. See to it that you are also available there. Search for classified ads that targets your place and your audience and submit a listing.

Standing out in the crowd is easy with this principle, “be visible”. Be there when your competitor is not there and be sure to be present when your competitors are present.

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