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Is Your Real Estate Website Mobile Friendly
28 Oct

Is Your Real Estate Website Mobile Friendly

Is your real estate website mobile friendly?

If not, your real estate website ranking on Google may take a significant hit. Starting April 21, 2015, Google will be use mobile friendliness as a ranking factor. This added ranking factor will affect mobile searches and will have a significant impact on Google search results.

Checking if your real estate website is mobile-friendly

You can test if your real estate website is mobile-friendly by using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool. You will simply enter your real estate website URL and Google will run its mobility test. If your real estate website is mobile friendly, you’ll get the following confirmation:

google mobile friendly test

If your real estate website is not mobile-friendly, you can use Google’s Mobile Usability Report to give you more details on the mobility issues across your entire real estate website. The Mobile Usability Report lets you know every usability issue from font size to spacing issues.

eAgent360’s Real Estate Website are Mobile-Friendly

eAgent360’s Elite real estate website are responsive and completely mobile-friendly. With the increase of mobile device usage, our developers have designed our real estate website platform with mobile-friendliness as a priority. All of our real estate websites pass the Google Mobile-Friendly test to ensure you have maximum ranking potential. Click here to learn more about eAgent360’s real estate agent websites

Don’t have a mobile-friendly real estate website? The ranking of your agent website will continue to fall the longer you wait. eAgent360 can help get you a mobile-friendly real estate website very quickly. Contact us now

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