Realtors: Be Productive, Not Busy!
03 Apr

Realtors: Be Productive, Not Busy!

It’s easy to mistake being busy as being productive but there’s a huge difference between the two. You can do many things in a day and don’t produce result and you can do a single act that will convert.

How a realtor can be productive and not busy?

Being busy is different from being productive. It is not because you are busy managing your real estate business, it will mean success. You have to focus and concentrate on things that matters and things that will convert positively like concentrating on your clients.

Every little thing that consumes your time can be automated.

Take advantage of every features of your real estate website. You need to use them wisely. One of the features you can use is….

Lockbox Sync

With Lockbox Sync, showing from your Supra lockboxes will be automatically imported in Profusion360’s Showing Feedback System. This offers a complete and automated solution in obtaining showing feedback from your showings.

Profusion360’s Showing Feedback System will automatically obtain your showings and send out a showing feedback request to your showings with your feedback questionnaire. Once showing feedback is received, you’ll get a notification with the feedback.

It’s a complete, automated, and efficient showing feedback solution that will same you tons of time so you can focus on your clients and business. The days of entering showings manually or having an assistant or another service follow up for you are gone.

Start saving time now, and get Profusion360’s LockBox Sync today!

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