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10 Dec

Supra Lockbox Autosync Showings Now Available!

Profusion360 has officially released the Supra Lockbox Autosync Showings module! Supra lockbox syncing will be an optional module to the Showing Feedback System. It will import showings from your Supra lockboxes into eAgent360 and the feedback requests will be automatically sent out. This will eliminate the need to manually enter showings to request feedback. Supra lockbox syncing will be a tremendous time and cost saver for anybody with showings especially those with lots of showings.

The Supra Lockbox Autosync Showings is an optional module and will cost $15/mo. The Showing Feedback System is required to purchase the lockbox syncing module. Members may purchase it through the user control panel under Additional Services.

showing feedback lockbox


UPDATE: We have discontinued Autosync Showings indefinitely. We will post an update if this feature does become available again

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