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06 Jan

Why Offer Real Estate Homes Virtual Tours?

Every online real estate listing should come with a real estate home virtual tour. Among the 80 percent of your potential clients look for their next home on the internet, a full 54 percent won’t even click if there is no real estate home virtual tour? Every day, thousands of web users take a virtual tour, and if your listing is not among them, you are internet marketing plan is not complete.

Benefits of Real Estate Homes Virtual Tours for Homebuyers

What do homebuyers like about taking a virtual tour? To begin with, there’s access to the listing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, it’s exceptionally convenient. Your potential real estate clients don’t want to waste their time visiting homes that won’t fit their needs. So, they now quickly narrow down their list of must-see properties.

  • reported listings with real estate homes virtual tours get 300% more click then the ones without virtual tours.
  • Having a complete preview sparks interest in potential buyers who might have otherwise overlooked the home.
  • Have background music to set the mood of the audience.
  • Buyers who are relocating from other cities and states are more attracted to properties with virtual tours, especially when paired with school and city information, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Benefits of Real Estate Homes Virtual Tours for Realtors

Compared to traditional home buyers, virtual tour-takers visit more than two times as many properties as others. This is because they are better able to pinpoint which homes they are truly interested in. In addition, these listings get almost twice as many clicks.

How to Create Home Virtual Tours that Bring in Buyers

Ugly pictures would not help you sell your real estate listings. Instead of taking a couple of quick shots with your digital camera, put a little effort taking photos from different angles under a good lighting. Your savings will come in spending your time showing the homes with beautifully photographed tours, as buyers will be quick to call you when the images are attractive and expertly captured.

For perfect home virtual tours, plan on a series of pictures that provide a good look of both the inside and the outside of the home. Take care of the interior staging and exterior landscaping before the photographer arrives. Watch for the different time of the day and the lighting effects when taking the pictures. Avoid including people, pets in images, as these tend to take away from the overall experience.

Real Estate Home Virtual Tour Package

A full 88 percent of home buyers tell researchers that a real estate home virtual tour was helpful in selecting properties to visit. So, your sales depend on quality online tours of every listing. Today’s home buyers don’t want to use the traditional methods of selecting homes to view. They need visually and sound stimulation of multimedia homes virtual tours. So, make sure you always provide real estate home virtual tours and take great photos to showcase your listings.

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