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06 Jan

Why Facebook? Social Media for Real Estate Brokers

If you are still doing the ‘traditional’ way of door knocking, stop and think, maybe you can expand your network through social media real estate marketing? This is a way that your “friends and family” and “followers” can share your real estate marketing content with other online users, including past clients, potential prospects, friends, family and their circle of connections. You are potential developing relationships with thousands of people at a time.

Facebook – Social Media for Real Estate Brokers

  • Social media for real estate Facebook Fan Pages help to create an online presence for you real estate brokers and their company brand. Social media for real estate includes creating your own professional real estate agent profile.
  • Your status updates can provide quick hits about new listings, promotions, and bits of real estate agent trivia that will keep your Facebook “friends” intrigued.
  • Potential buyers within the groups could ask you questions about your services, your listings. Your reply would be view by the entire group and the public.
  • Real Estate buying process can be slow, and social media marketing can keep the potential buyers connect with you. When they’re ready to use a real estate broker, they’ll come to you after weeks or months of learning more about you through your social media real estate posts.
  • Be the real estate broker or agent that people send their friends and family to because they feel comfortable with the online relationship they’ve developed with you. Social media for real estate Facebook Pages are a perfect way to build an online relationship with your potential real estate clients.

You are potential developing your real estate broker relationships with thousands of people at a time through Facebook platform. So, if you have not have a time to start making connections through Facebook yet, get started now!

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