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Watch Out for SEO Scammers for your Real Estate Website
19 Apr

Watch Out for SEO Scammers for your Real Estate Website

It is easy to fall into a trap of SEO scammers. This is if you know nothing about SEO. The first thing that a real estate website owner should do is to make a research about the basics of SEO. This will at least give them an idea when they hunt for their SEO specialist. These 7 warning signs below will help real estate website owner avoid dealing with SEO scammers.

7 Warning Signs that you are dealing with SEO Scammers

  1. Avoid SEO companies or individuals that offer “Free Trial Service”.

This might sound pleasing to your ear but come on, there is nothing that is given for free nowadays, especially SEO services. SEO is a very laborious task and it takes months before you see the outcome. These people are sure SEO scammers. Never give your real estate website log-in details for this is what they are really after for. You don’t know what they can do when they are already enter into your system.

  1. Avoid Underpriced and Overpriced SEO Services.

If you paid for a cheap SEO services, you’ll get what you pay for. These people will only perform base on the amount that you have paid them and it’s not worth it. What they can do with your real estate broker website is something you can do better than them. If you want a cheap SEO, better invest your money on tutorials and videos and do it yourself, you might like the outcome. If the SEO service is overpriced, it is most likely SEO scammer who is only after with your money. Their price should be in the same range as other specialist.

  1. SEO Scammers promised a guaranteed top ranking real estate website in a short time.

Watch out for SEO scammers that claim they can make your real estate website rank in #1 place. There is no guarantee to any real estate website that they will rank first in search engine websites, this is according to Google and you can read it in their article. Claim like “# 1 Google ranking Guaranteed” is too good to be true. What more if they give deadlines like within 48 hours? Think about it.

  1. Promised a submission to a thousand of search engine websites.

What’s the big deal with a thousand of search engines? You can submit your real estate website yourself and you can do it in a single act. Some are offering it for free. Aside from that, you don’t need the other search engines. Your real estate website only needs to top on search engines that matter such as Google, Yahoo, Aol and MSN/Bing.

  1. SEO Scammers are asking for the ownership of your real estate website content.

Anything you paid for is yours. Make it sure that it is clear from the beginning that the SEO specialist has no right with everything you have with your professional real estate website design. If they insist, it is a sign that they are SEO scammers. Sign an agreement that you are not giving the ownership to the SEO Company or else you are in trouble. This SEO Company might sell it to your competitors and you have no claim over it.

  1. It is certainly SEO scammers if they keep their SEO strategies secret.

If they can’t tell you what they do, it means two things. They will use black hat technique that will lead your real estate website penalized by Google or they really don’t know what they are doing.

  1. SEO scammers claim that they know someone from Google.

If you heard this claim, this is 100% a scam. Move on to the next candidate. There is no one that has special relationship with Google to put your real estate a priority.

There are many people who claim that they are SEO specialist or their company offers the best SEO service. They should at least talk about your website and ask you questions about it. This shows that they start creating a strategy for your website and lay out plans on how they can achieve your common goal according to their experience and expertise. Watch out for these signs and don’t fall into the SEO scammers trap.

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